FINALLY! It’s been a long time since I have brought you a beauty connection post but my newest beauty regimen is too good not to share!

With surgeries such as bbls, liposuction, breast lifts, and etc being so rampant it is so easy to feel like that may be the only way to get the body you want. I have been super positive about my body but of course, as well all do there were things I wanted to fix, especially to look more “snatched”. I dabbled with the thought of wanting a bbl to enhance my shape but hated the thought of surgery and the pain that comes with it. I started seeing businesses promoting their “non-invasive lipo” and  “non-surgical butt lifts” and that what a cool alternative it is. Once I became pregnant as crazy as it sounds I thought about my body after and which brought me to Bella Tre Body Sculpting. Any business ran by women you know I am all for it. 

Founded by Crystal and Co-Owned by Karla, after both having non-invasive work done, being impressed with the results came together to bring it to men and women at a more affordable cost! After meeting with them and hearing more about what they offer and their knowledge I couldn’t wait to start.

They offer but are not limited too: Cavi Lipo, Laser Lipo, and Cryo Lipo. They’re located conveniently in Cherry Hill, just minutes away from Cherry Hill Mall. Since their services are non-invasive you can shop right after lol!

Now that I am over six weeks postpartum I was able to start their luxury butt lifts. Now I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect but after losing volume in my butt during and after pregnancy I was determined to get plump.   I had a lot of people ask if it hurt and not in the slightest! The suction felt like an amazing massage, I was ready to fall asleep especially with their clean and peaceful facility. Followed up was skin tightening and that you don’t feel in the slightest. Quick and painless. Now the results you may ask? I was obsessed! Getting home I could not stop looking in the mirror, I did not think I would see results so fast honestly I was impressed. I recommend this to anyone looking for something cost-effective and non-surgical! The girls will help you decide exactly what you need as well as so many package options with an array of services. Summer is coming now is the time to go! I can not wait to continue my lifts and keep you updated! We will be bringing you weight loss tips and tricks to make these services more effective so stay tuned. FOR ALL QUESTIONS CONTACT THEM BELOW!

You can check out their services and book here at

follow them at @bellatrebodysculpting

email or call: / (856) 887-1668

Tell them A sent you!

So the purpose of this new section of the website is to link anyone who loves glam with my personal favorites & my friends and followers personal favorites. So many girls ask me or ask generally on Instagram “Who does good makeup? Who does good hair?”. So here is a place you can look freely!


Ok ladies, so the individual lash extension craze is only growing day by day and I admit I was interested! New lash techs emerge every day so I followed a few in hopes I would finally take that leap! Here comes in my fellow cancer Jazmin, owner of Enhanced Beauty by Design. I have been following her for a while and heard about her work and decided to take the leap. Located right in Fishtown sits her gorgeous salon. The decor and ambiance make it a super relaxing and enjoyable experience. It can be an up to 2-hour service but it’s very relaxing some people even sleep!

I am so glad I did I am in love I have been getting compliments every day since Saturday! Without makeup, I still feel confident. Jazmin was super sweet and super easy to work with and I loved the whole process. I even got some good take home goodies for upkeep!

Now get to know her….

Licensed Esthetician since 2008.

Started doing lashes 4 years ago.
Trained & Certified Master in Classic & Volume lash extensions with Nadia Afaneseva NM Beauty in 2014 .
Trained & Certified Master in Microblading in 2016 with Eye Design New York.
Advance Volume Training & Certification with Borboleta in 2017.

Opened Enhanced Beauty by Design March 2017 where we offer lash extensions, lash lifts, microblading, brow shaping, brow & lash tinting and lash extension training. Looking to add more services soon.

Tips to better maintain your eyelash extensions:
•keep them clean!! Often clients believe if they don’t wash or wet their lashes, they will last longer but that is wrong. It’s important and necessary to keep them clean. Diluting baby shampoo is the best way to wash your lashes daily.
•after a workout or if you get into a pool or the ocean be sure to wash your lashes right after not allow the sweat/salt break down the adhesive.
•use oil-free and alcohol free makeup remover. I recommend Almay oil-free / gentle eyes
•dont sleep with your makeup on
•refrain from using  any waterproof makeup or mascara
•brush them daily

So I have personally been wanting to write & introduce this MUA for a long time and now i finally have brought her to the beauty connection!

She did my makeup for Soho Fashion Week & I absolutely loved her personality, vibe, and how she did my makeup most importantly. She had me camera ready & in pictures my make up was even more flawless! Great work and great prices if I am ever in the NYC area this is My TOP Personal pick. I would definitely recommend and tell you to book her NOW.

like i want to be that snatched EVERYDAY

My name is Maddie and I am a New York City based makeup artist. From a young age I have always been intrigued by fashion,makeup and hair. I decided to professional persue my makeup career after the birth of my first born. I realized that makeup was indeed my passion and something I was naturally good at doing. I wanted the chance to help people look their best. Its a great feeling when I see how happy and confident a client feels when I work with them. I worked with companies such as Sephora and MAC Cosmetics. I currently freelance and its so amazing to finally have the opportunity to work for myself doing what I love. Makeup is not a way to cover up anything..for me its a form of expression…art and style. Its like clothes but for the face. Haha! I love everything about it! 

3 favorite looks:
1. One of my favorite looks is definitely a bold lip. I love enhancing the lips and its amazing how the right shade of lipstick can change someones entire look and mood.
2. I love the glowy jlo look. Its the style of makeup I love to do most, on myself and on clients. This consist of usually neutal tones on the eyes and lips with lots of bronzer and the highlight beaming from a mile away. Haha
3. Last but not least is the no makeup …makeup look. I love this because it looks fresh and clean. I usually love doing this look with long fluffy lashes. If you have the right pair of lashes, they shape the eyes beautifully and make the eyes look awake and bright.
Contact info:
IG: _L.maddie

Go head & Gag over her like i do! She is too good. Make sure you follow, check her out, & NYC book her!

                     Meet this Model, Mom,&Muse:read about her hair journey

The picture on the left was taken in October of 2015 (yikes!). I honestly don’t know what possessed me to even let my hair down looking like that. Anyway, the picture on the right was taken recently, March 2017. My hair was extremely damaged from coloring, relaxing, and applying heat. I stopped coloring and relaxing more than four years ago, but could not stop straightening my hair. I hated how my curls looked, if you can even call those curls! I got my first DevaCut a few days after the picture on the left was taken. My results were pretty good, but not great. I refrained from heat for about six months until my graduation. I then got a second DevaCut in June. My hair was getting better! I didn’t apply heat for eight months. I could feel the difference in my hair. It was thick and lustrous. I got my third DevaCut (picture on the right) in March 2017. My stylist was so proud of how far my hair had come, and so was I. I couldn’t believe how defined my curls were. My hair has made a huge transformation. It has taken me a long time, but it was worth it. I still have some heat damage in the front, but I am happy with my results thus far. I can now let my curls show without having to fake them by doing twist outs or bantu knots. It has not been an easy journey but the results were great. 


    • Minimal to no heat
    • Drink a lot of water! 
    • Sleep with a scarf or on a satin pillowcase 
    • Put your hair up in a pineapple when going to bed
    • Do protective styles (Bantu knots, flat twists, braids, etc.) 
    • Try different products, and stick to what works for your hair
    • Get pregnant (just kidding, take Vitamins) 
    • Watch YouTube videos for Curl Inspo 
    • Find a hair stylist whom can educate you on what hair type you have, and how to care for it


Jennifer Beck-Senior Stylist

    Jennifer has been in the salon industry for 4 plus years. After graduating from the American Beauty Academy (Paul Mitchell School) she decided to take her talents to BLO/OUT Blow Dry Bar in Center City Philadelphia. Jennifer quickly rose to a senior stylist and now manages a fast growing location in the Rittenhouse Square area of Philadelphia
      Specializing in bridal and event hair, she provides ongoing education for a staff of 20 plus stylists as well as continuing ongoing education for herself. Certified in Coppola Keratin Complex Express, and Hot Head Extensions. She has been involved in the Miss New York USA pageant for a number of years and had been involved in numerous bridal expos in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas.
   Jennifer’s hard work, talent, dedication and customer service continues to speak for itself. With an outstanding following of clientele, she is a rising star who in just a short time has already shown us that she is a force in the beauty industry.

Instagram:  jenn_hairstylist

1804 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

      She gave me a fabulous blow out at their Rittenhouse location i LOVED IT!!!!!!

Time to get Pretty n Painted

Tamekah Bost.

Born in the city of Philadelphia, this 22 year old makeup artist has been working her way thru the industry and making a name for herself. With over six years of freelance experience and one as a Sephora makeup artist. Her new age idea of offering professional level makeup services to everyday women at affordable prices has been a game changer. Launching Pretty n Painted Makeup Artistry four years ago she has been on a mission to make all women feel like a superstar providing top notch glam services at unbeatable prices. Over the last two years she has been focusing on hosting women’s empowerment events. Where women can come together and learn the tips and tricks of the industry while enjoying great food and drinks. These events offer great networking opportunities for the attendees. Her creativity doesn’t end there she recently published her first beauty calendar a platform where she combined makeup artistry with body paint and beautiful women to showcase the tie between the two worlds. A way to showcase her amazing talents in one place. Her passion is Makeup and her clients are her world, you can trust when booking with Pretty n Painted you’ll be truly satisfied with the quality of her work


Finally MAKEUP!

I am proud to finally post a makeup artist! I mentioned her previously in one of my videos and now here she is!

Johana is a freelance makeup artist in Philadelphia, New York City and surrounding areas. Her goal is to create timeless looks and provide the best overall experience by making her clients “feel beautiful”. Originally from Puerto Rico, Johana received her makeup certification from Christine Valmy in New York City. Her strong sense of fashion became evident in her childhood years. She was voted “Best-Dressed” by her senior high school class and later studied at Manhattan’s Fashion Institute of Technology. After spending countless hours on music video shoots, Johana discovered that her true passion lied in fashion photography. She displays her mastery for creating the right look through results. In her unique coordination of shading exquisite colors, she transforms her subjects beyond their expectations. “She is passionate with an eye for detail in creating a complete look to fit her clients”. Jackie B. from Philadelphia, PA. She has collaborated with photographers such as @Brooily NYC, @GregoryMaxx and @C3photography. She is available to travel on location or you can book her @Bombshellstudio in Philadelphia. She welcomes you to view a portfolio of some of her work via IG @makeupbyjohana215

Travel rate : $65 Salon rate : $50

  • Next up is my other hairstylist Latia Stone, she recently did my Jaylon Aaron Hair installation and i LOVED her work i was flowing for weeks! It was very natural looking and super flawless! She like my other stylist, travels. That is a major plus for me! She specializes in sew-ins,faux locs, and natural hair care. She is in Atlanta but does also book dates inPhilly! FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW HER HAIR PAGE @HAIRBYTIA__

  • The first person i wanted to introduce all my followers and blog readers to is my newest stylist Tara Tomasetti. She slayed my hair for New Years and prior to that so many people i knew were getting done up by her and i loved the work! She was very easy to work with, understood what I wanted. Ladies her prices are very reasonable and she is mobile! Social networks: @blownawaybytara – BIO BELOW !TARACOLLA

    Blown Away by Tara is a journey that started for me back in 2005. I am 23 years young from Philadelphia, PA. I always say it all started with a blow dryer for me because its the truth. I had so much hair no-one could manage it. My mom didn’t ever wanna spend the time blow drying it because my hair would frizz right up. The year I graduated the 5th grade, I wrote in my year book that I wanted to be a “Beautician”. Why? Because I wanted to be able to do my hair and feel pretty. The following year I spent a lot of my time watching the ladies around me do their hair but I still had a tight straight back ponytail. In 2006 it was my first year in middle school and I got talked about because of my big, puffy, curly, out of control hair. I didn’t know how to manage all the hair I had. I had half of my moms Puerto Rican curls and half of my dads course dry Italian hair. For Christmas that year, I asked for my first blow dryer and flat iron, and that is what I got. I was determine to learn and I spent hours sitting in front my mirror practicing. By the fall of 2007 I was starting 7th grade and went to school almost everyday with my hair straight. Throughout high school I continued to learn about my hair and got better at doing it. I spent some time in a family friends salon and I remember how that time spent in that salon taught me some things and motivated me to really want to perfect my skill because I knew there was way more to hair then blow drying like color and cuts. Over the years of just doing my hair and my friends hair I thought to myself I can do this and be great. Instead of applying to colleges my senior year at Philadelphia High School for Girls, I looked into Cosmetology. I wanted to go to a good school that had a good reputation and I came across Jean Madeline. I applied to school as a full time student and worked in the mall part time. Blow drying came so natural for me because I had so much practice on myself and my teachers were impressed. School was so fun, I met some great people, my grades were on point because I really enjoyed my time learning the science behind the chair, and with some bumps on the road I finally graduated from Cosmetology school. Right after school I worked in a salon for a year, I learned so much. Life played its course and I ended up getting a full time 9-6 until I realized the money was nice but I wasn’t happy at all. Early in 2016 I decided to start to do what I love again. I renewed my temporary license, worked on my portfolio, educated myself on new trends, started studying for my actual test, and I started to use social media as an outlet to get myself some clients, and it worked. Im growing and I’m grateful. I am a License Cosmetologist. Nothing great comes easy, everyones story is different. But when you want something, don’t stop until you get it. It all started with a Blow Dryer, and my blow dry game is strong. Please feel free to follow my work journey on Instagram @BlownAwayByTara


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