Here is a peek at my “Sip & Sea What it Will Be” Gender Reveal! Even though at first I was apprehensive and against having a “Gender Reveal” I am so glad we decided to do it! Here are some more photos of the decor my partner in crime (Memor by Tiffany) put together!














She did such an amazing job and knocked it out of the park. The sweets and cupcake toppers are all also by her. I highly recommend her for your next event. My best friend Mari picked out the theme and helped us pick out what decor we needed. My best friend Mukie who is an artist helped with the other finishing touches which were amazing!

The bath bomb idea came to us a few weeks ago and Brenda Ross of Honey Bees Bath Bombs brought our vision to life! We worked together and she came up with seashell bombs to go exactly with the theme! They were quick and had a lot of color! Everyone loved them.

Daphne’s Little Tinkers provided the perfect cake and it was so good I almost didn’t get a slice!

Ironically enough one of the best days of my life was the end to a tough week and not the best month. Amongst a million things that seemed to go wrong I didn’t know if I would find out the gender in time! If you know me you know I am so last minute and my baby was no different. It seems like a blinked and I am now halfway there. My anatomy scanned was scheduled for September 24th with the party scheduled for September 14th! I thought about the blood test I thought about faking pains to go to the doctors! LOL! But luckily for me I found Bond Before Birth 3D/4D Ultrasound.








Joan was super sweet and her facility was AMAZING! I was able to get a 2 pm appointment and my party was at 6:30! Mari & I got to see my baby moving and getting super busy in there! I opted to have no one know before me, so Mari and me both closed are our eyes when she went over the sex. I had anxiety for weeks about finding out. I definitely had a preference but did want a boy and a girl, I grew up an only child and wish I had brothers. All my life I have wanted a boy first but knowing I had no control made me sweat. One of the reasons I did not want a reveal was because I kind of wanted to hurry up and no privately, my friends and family were not having that. Strangely enough, the week before I started to relax and came to terms that whatever God gives me I will be happy. I had names picked for both sexes and even picked baby shower themes that went with either. I stopped trying to do the math, read the myths, think of family trees. It was relaxing, so once we were at the appointment I was no longer worried. Everyone had their predictions, most of my babies aunts wanted girls. Though a fair enough of boys amounts were cast we soon had the results and left to finish getting ready.


A few of the people on team boy and team girl. Up until the day of my party I hadn’t mentioned my pregnancy to most.

Only my closest friends and family knew. I was happy but wanted to wait to know everything was ok with the baby. Quite frankly as long as I had gone I thought I wanted to keep my pregnancy off social media until the end. I know my friends and family were excited and the party was so beautiful I said let’s do it.

Finally, after waiting for everyone to arrive and procrastinating as much as I could, it was time.  I had butterflies and all though I knew in my heart and felt all ultrasounds looked like a boy I was terrified. I did my nails and toes in nude, my dress was nude just in case it went either way. Nothing prepared me for this, I really couldn’t believe it was BLUE. After one of the hardest weeks personally and just wanting it all to be over it was all worth it. I prayed every night for a healthy baby but slid in the let it be a boy but couldn’t believe it was true.



The moment was definitely so surreal and something so hard to explain. I felt like I had so much energy and couldn’t believe I felt it I knew it was him and I was right. Everyone’s excitement made everything that much more magical. All my family (because to me that is what everyone that was there is to me) I was so thankful to have them there with me!

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