1. 1. PLAN AHEAD

– Planning is key, especially in business. I didn’t believe in this method until actually putting it to work. When you take the time to plan and set goals your business can run much smoother. With the proper systems in place, you’ll never have to overwork. Whether it can be planning your week or year, setting sales goals, or social media post give it a try!


– This is a very crucial part of running any business to ensure a profit. When starting your business an important first step is deciding who you want to cater to and reach. Knowing who they are will make it easier for you to advertise and exactly where to do so. 


– I shouldn’t really have to say it but it is just so important! Although sometimes it may be difficult to remember, keep your sweetest attitude. You attract more bees with honey. Being in customer related fields for 7 years this is something I myself always keep an eye out for that helps me rate a business. If an employee is rude or nasty I usually will not continue giving that business my money, but if I am treated well even if it is more costly than an alternative I will return. 


– I think whenever starting a business you should really learn as much about it as possible. If you want to start a clothing line of say athletic wear but do not know what fabrics to use, where to source or get inventory, or what the right cost are how will you get off the ground? You can’t succeed without taking the proper measures on educating yourself to reach your fullest potential. 


– With so many fields being “oversaturated” I know it is hard to not compare yourself to similar businesses but DO NOT. When you keep a tunnel vision and work on yourself you cannot go wrong. Clouding yourself with other peoples progress can actually hinder yours, instead use it as motivation and inspire to be better. 


– Know those brands that you can instantly recognize when they pop up on social media? That is consistent branding, keeping your advertising synonymous with your brand can help potential customers remember who you are. 

7. Advertising is a MAJOR KEY

– I have noticed when I make sure to market myself as best and as much as I can the sales pore in. When you keep customers and potential customers constantly in the loop they will stay interested and informed. Don’t miss sales by being lazy, even if you have to push yourself you never know when the right person is watching. A great way to market efficiently is to plan your post for the week!


– It is super to easy to blow your money when you do not know exactly what or where you are spending it on. Be sure to carefully review what it is you need and do not be scared to price check until you find the best option. When you do start spending be sure to monitor it closely to keep it balanced and create a system!


– When running a business it is of the utmost importance to understand where your profits are coming from! Make sure the business is making you money instead of a loss. Calculate your prices to where they are fair and generating you revenue at the same time. 


– Always stay new and update and give your customers to look forward to!


Following these steps really helped me and continue to help me run my business smoothly. I hope these things can also help you! If you feel like you need help in any/ all areas email me to start your one on one coaching! My email is

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