Message From Founder Ari Vasquez:
Our mission here at Slay Everyday is to provide exquisite clothing for every occasion while promoting an ambitious boss-like lifestyle. Our clothing ranges from many styles and sizes to help our clients look good during their day to day slay. 
Through our site and social media, we encourage and promote our go-getters in whatever field they may be in to go out and Slay Everyday and make it their own. 
Slay Everyday is not just a catchy name, it is a lifestyle for me as a designer and entrepreneur. I want everyone to seize each day and make sure they are living their lives the way they want. All while dressed fabulously of course!
By having a variety of custom clothing available to tailor to all different body shapes we help bring a look and feel of slaying! We here at Slay Everyday believe that all shapes and sizes can look good while tackling day to day challenges. 
Slay Everyday also takes pride in great customer service and helping everyone we can.It is our goal to make sure every ambitious go-getter can live their best life and look amazing while doing it.
Shop today and get ready to slay!